Moscow - Doha: new horizons

A Moscow Government Delegation Visited Qatar

The East is a delicate matter. This formula is perfectly applicable to relations between Moscow and Doha, which went through a difficult period recently. But it looks like these challenging times are behind us. In any case, this is the conclusion one can draw when looking at rekindled contacts between representatives from Russia and Qatar.

At the end of November of last year, Doha hosted a conference entitled “Moscow - a city that’s convenient for business.” It took place at the Qatar Chamber of Commerce. A Moscow government delegation, headed by Minister and Head of the Department for External Economic and International Relations, visited Doha in order to participate in the event.

The fact that the hall in which the presentation took place was completely packed speaks to how interested Qatar is in meeting with the Muscovites. Aside from interest, there was also a sense of excitement. After all, it’s not that often that business people from these two countries meet. But this excitement passed as soon as the conference started. Everything went smoothly.

Vice President of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce Mohamed bin Twar Al Kuwari gave the opening speech at the conference. He announced that he is happy about improved relations between the two countries, which open great opportunities for cooperation between businessmen. He noted that Qatar is currently going through a real economic boom, so there are plenty of areas for business cooperation.

Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. According to the International Monetary Fund, the country has been in the lead for several years in terms of GDP per capita. Qatar ranks third in the world in terms of natural gas reserves, is the sixth largest exporter of natural gas and is a major exporter of oil and oil products (ranked 21st in the world). Qatar is part of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

In response, Sergey Cheremin noted that political and economic relations between Moscow and Qatar have recently improved. “We would like to maintain this trend,” the Minister said. He recalled that in January 2016, Emir of Qatar Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani met with the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin during an official visit to Russia. During their meeting, the subject of Qatar investors participating in the development of transport infrastructure and the construction of transfer hubs came up. Aside from transport, there are plenty of other spheres in Moscow that can attract businessmen from Qatar.

“In spite of the crisis, the city is rapidly developing and not giving up on its ambitious projects,” the head of the DVMS pointed out. This includes the construction of the Moscow Central Circle, new metro stations, Zaryadye park, and a complete transformation of the banks of the Moscow River, which stretches 80 kilometers outside of Moscow. If the only thing next to the river right now is highways, in the near future 76% of this space will be dedicated to various cultural and leisure facilities.

The conference was also attended by the Russian Ambassador to Qatar Nurmakhmad Kholov, representatives from Sberbank, and directors of Russian companies, financial and investment groups.

After the conference at the Chamber of Commerce, dialogue between Muscovites and Qatar business representatives continued at an investment fund and then at the mayor’s office, where the sides talked about changes in relations between the two countries and new horizons.

In the evening, an official dinner took place at a fish restaurant located on the picturesque shore of the Persian Gulf. Everybody at the table enjoyed the meal, talked, joked and laughed.



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