Moscow is among top cities

Moscow has been named one of the world’s best cities, according to Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017 list.

“Russia may not have revealed all its Revolution-centennial plans, but it’s as clear as a crenellated Kremlin façade that there will be radical changes in Moscow,” says Lonely Planet in its introduction. The city will host football matches in the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup, so the race is on to bring an inkling of the ultra-modern to a metropolis renowned for bombastic architecture. The new Ramenskoye Airport and a new metro line will mean an all-time high in the city’s connectivity, and Moscow will gain a blockbuster attraction in the Polytechnic Museum and Educational Centre, relocated to a dramatic building in the Vorobyovy Gory hills.

Why people love Moscow?

Here’s opinion of Mara Vorhees, one of Lonely Planet writers, that she shares on its site: “The Russian capital never ceases to inspire, confound, disgust or delight me in some unexpected way. This time I was thrilled to discover the capital's new obsession with 'park life'. Not just summer cafes – I've always appreciated that – but also bike paths, ping-pong clubs, outdoor theatres and dance parties. It's hip to be outside and active; and the city has accommodated with gorgeous green spaces. The Park of Culture and Leisure (aka Gorky Park) has finally come into its own – along with a new generation of health-conscious, hopeful Muscovites.”

Among sights of Moscow Lonely Planet names: The Kremlin, Red Square, The Pushkin State museum of fine arts, The State Tretyakov Gallery, The Novodevichy Convent and many other wonderful places of interest of the Russian capital.

Moscow is definitely changing for better now. As the Guardian puts it: “Moscow is already transforming. From plans for Zaryadye Park– Moscow’s first new park in 50 years – to burgeoning creative industries, rapid gentrification and a food revolution, the fabric of the city is being reworked. Plans involve pedestrianised embankments along a transformed riverfront, high-speed water transport and brand-new cycling infrastructure.”



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