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The fall and winter seasons in the capital look promising. There are major art exhibitions, theatre premieres, and concerts. The number of international stars who are coming to perform in Moscow has hit a record level. In the next few months, musicians that are considered legends, like Chris Rea and Elton John, will be coming to Moscow.

Тhe Tretyakov Gallery is entering the new fall and winter season with a whole series of exhibitions about Moscow. The exhibitions are made up almost entirely of exhibits from the Tretyakov Gallery collection. The exhibition “Moscow Through the Ages” (September 8, 2117 - January 21, 2018, Engineering Building) focuses on the development of the city’s iconography. There are a total of five thematic sections: “Moscow - the third Rome,” “Moscow Kremlin - heart of the city,” “Conversations About Old Moscow,” “The Red Square. Moscow Formula,” and “20th Century. City Voices.” Visitors will get a chance to see famous works by V. Surikov,

B. Kustodiev, and V. Polenov, as well as works by artists who are not as popular: A. Vasnetsov, V, Perov, V. Makovsky, A. Deineki, N. Nesterova, and others. Some works will be shown for the first time, such as M. Gurevich’s “Pushkin Square,” which was painted in 1937. Back then, the monument to Alexander Pushkin used to be located on the opposite side of the street. The second exhibition, “City and People. Moscow in the 20th Century” (October 11, 2017 - January 14, 2018, New Tretyakov Gallery) shows how artists who lived through the events of 1917 and 1941 saw the capital. The exhibition “Preserved Shrines” (September 8, 2017 - January 21, 2018, Engineering Building) is unique in its own way. Decorative and applied art works from the precious metals and stones fund of the Tretyakov Gallery, which is one of the most closed-off storehouses of the museum, will be shown for the first time. The exhibition brings together 30 church art works from the 16th - 19th centuries and 17 destroyed churches in Moscow.

At the end of September, the New Tretyakovskaya building opened an interesting exhibition “Someone 1917,” which will run until the middle of January. The exhibition features works of art that demonstrate the kinds of thoughts and feelings the artists lived with during the October Revolution. The exhibition will feature work by M. Nestereov, K. Petrov-Vodkin, B. Kustodiev, Z. Serebryakov, K. Malevich, A. Rodchenko, V. Kandinsky. The project encompasses 120 paintings and sculptures from the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, museums in Pskov, Tula, Smolensk, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, Vologda, Vyatka, Ivanov, Krasnodar, and Rostov, from private and foreign collections.

In November, for the 100-year anniversary of the October Revolution, the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre plans to release a play “Tanya. 1917.” Alexander Molochnikov is the author and director of the production. “The premiere will take place on the Main Stage,” the theatre’s art director Oleg Tabakov promised. 25-year-old Alexander Molochnikov can be considered one of the brightest young directors in Moscow. He is seriously interested in the history of his homeland and first put his name out there a few years ago with the production of “19.14,” dedicated to WWI. In his second play “Buntari” (the play is also running at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre), the young director also focused on an interesting interpretation of historic events. He drew parallels between protest movements in tsarist Russia and the rock culture of the 80s, creating a mix of Decembrists and punks, Narodnaya Volya and the perestroika crowd. The inconceivable mishmash gives rise to an image of rebelliousness as an ideology, as a perspective in life.

This summer, the Bolshoi Theatre also officially announced their plans for the 2017/2018 season. Fans were promised 3 new ballets, 7 new operas, and several recitals. Perhaps the most interesting but controversial premiere of the season is the ballet to Sergey Prokofiev’s genius music “Romeo and Juliet.” The ballet was directed by the world-famous choreographer Alexei Ratmansky, who has directed ballets all over the world and was the head of the Bolshoi Theatre for five years (2004 - 2009). The Bolshoi Theatre was hoping that the former art director would be able to direct a new, exclusive “Romeo and Juliet” ballet, but this did not happen. It was decided to resurrect a six-year old ballet that was initially directed in Canada. The premiere is scheduled for the end of November 2017.

On the other hand, the Bolshoi Theatre is already featuring a “Romeo and Juliet” ballet directed by another famous choreographer - Yuri Grigorievich. This ballet has not left the tabloids since it first started running in 2010, and the tickets sell out instantly. It won’t be removed from the repertoire. This means that the public will have a choice between two equally striking and interesting ballets. Which ones will the audience like more? Which one will sell out?

On November 1, 2017, rock idols of an entire generation will be coming to Moscow. The Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex will be hosting the legendary band Scorpions, who are celebrating their 50-year anniversary. But the musicians aren’t planning to exit the stage yet. The band’s new tour is named after the album “Crazy World,” which came out in 1990. This was the band’s most popular record. Russian fans will get to hear hits like “Wind of Change,” “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” and more.

Crocus City Hall is also expecting to host several international stars. First, the successful British performer Chris Norman is performing on October 17. The singer with a distinct, recognizable, and slightly hoarse voice  is presenting his new album “Don’t Knock The Rock.” The eternally youthful rock veteran (Chris is 66) is often asked about his secrets to staying young. And this is what former leader of the legendary band “Smokie” always says: “The formula is simple: it is in my cheerful songs!”. Back in 1986, when Norman has released 14 albums with “Smokie,” he decided to continue his career as a solo artist. His hit “Midnight Lady” surpassed all of his previous accomplishments: the song remained in first place on European charts.

The audience will also be meeting with a true idol of several generations, the British guitarist and composer, and author of several hits Chris Rea, who is incidentally the same at as Chris Norman. He also turned 66 this year. On November 13, Rea will also be presenting his new album “Road Songs For Lovers.” The author of amazing rock ballads (“Looking For The Summer,” “Josephine,” “The Blue Cafe” and others) sold over 30 million albums during his lifetime! Chris not only conquered the top slots of European charts, and radio stations still play his songs. In the 2000s, the singer fell ill. He was diagnosed with cancer. But Chris was able to overcome the illness. Today, he is full of energy.

On November 26, Sarah Brightman is coming to Moscow. She has a phenomenal soprano voice. She has shared the stage with Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and Andrea Bocelli. The composer Andrew Lloyd Weber created the role of Christina in the musical “Phantom of the Opera” specifically for her. Sarah performed the hymn for the Olympic Games twice. Over her 30-year long career, she has received over 180 gold and platinum awards, and has sold 32 million records.

And finally, the enchanting finale of the year! On December 14, there will be a concert featuring the legendary Elton John, who turned 70 this year. He will be coming to Moscow within the scope of his “Wonderful Crazy Night Tour.” By the way, Elton John performed in the USSR for the first time in 1979 at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture. Sir Elton John can be rightfully called one of the most significant, outstanding, and extravagant personalities in show business. the singer has sold over 250 million records. He is in 49th place on the list of the greatest performers of all time according to Rolling Stone. The Queen of England has knighted him and presented him with the Order of the British Empire. He has written a ton of popular songs. In spite of his age, the singer continues to delight his fans with his appearances on stage. He will be performing his most famous songs, which have already become classics, at Crocus City Hall.

Fans of the opera diva Hibla Gerzmava are also in for a treat. The concert of their favorite singer will take place on November 23 at the Moscow International House of Music. Hibla has a unique voice which experts say only appears once in a century and a phenomenal creative temperament. Having her name on a billboard is guaranteed to fill up concert halls in any country. She has performed at the London's Royal Opera Covent Garden, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and the Vienna State Opera. She is loved by fans all over the world and has appeared in the most challenging opera parts.

On December 7, the same stage will be hosting Veronika Dzhioeva - one of the most in-demand opera singers in Russia, a soloist of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater and guest soloist of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theaters. Veronika Dzhioeva has performed in Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, USA, China, Hungary, Finland and Japan.

On December 19, 2017, the State Kremlin Palace will be hosting a Christmas gala concert featuring stars of the international ballet “Christmas Ballet Gala.” It has already become an annual project. The stage will be hosting the most outstanding international ballet stars. The main gem of the program will be the Moscow premiere of the ballet “Christmas Carol” by the famous dancer Ivan Vasiliev. The ballet is based on a novella by Charles Dickens. “Through the story of one person, we’re showing the meaning of simple values: love, friendship, helping each other,” Ivan Vasiliev says, “My main character, the stingy uncle Scrooge, forgot about them, cut them out of his life, and turned into a calculator.” The music was chosen by Ivan himself. He selected music by Tchaikovsky: pieces from the “Children’s Album” and “The Seasons,” fragments from symphonies.



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