Shared problems can be effectively solved together

Moscow and New York discussed prospects for cooperation

On September 14, Sergey Sobyanin met with a parliamentary delegation from the State of New York. The delegation was headed by the state’s assemblyman Luis Sepúlveda. The meeting was also attended by assemblywoman Pamela Williams-Harris and Senator Diane Savino. They represent districts in New York that have large Russian-speaking populations.

Meeting participants highlighted the importance of developing bilateral cooperation. According to Sergey Sobyanin, Moscow and New York share a lot of problems that are common to major international cities. These problems include the environment, transportation, education, healthcare, and safety. Regular exchange of experience will help to resolve these issues.

In turn, the officials from New York gave a positive assessment of the implementation of the Moscow development program, including the establishment of a modern urban environment and solutions to transportation problems.

Prospects for cooperation between the Russian capital and the State of New York in the sphere of the economy, education, the environment, culture, and tourism became the main topic of discussion during the round table, which took place in Moscow within the scope of the delegation’s visit.

Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Moscow Department of External Economic and International Affairs Sergey Cheremin, Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov, Head of the Moscow Department of Environmental Management and Protection Anton Kulbachevsky, Head of the New York delegation and Bronx Assemblyman Luis Sepúlveda, Brooklyn Assemblywoman Pamela Williams-Harris, Brooklyn and Staten Island Senator Diane Savino, and other officials attended the event.

Sergey Cheremin made a presentation on the Moscow government’s implemented projects and future city development plans. “We think that one of the most important tasks is the integrated development of the city’s infrastructure, especially transport infrastructure,” the minister said. He told the capital’s guests about the city’s enormous potential in terms of renovating and improving industrial areas.

The officials from New York gave a positive assessment of Moscow’s development program. According to Senator Diane Savino, the state’s delegation was pleasantly surprised by how well managed Moscow is and plan to implement the most effective project implementation techniques back home.



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