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Moscow and Berlin signed a memorandum on friendship and cooperation

Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller signed a Memorandum on Friendship and Cooperation between the Government of Moscow and the Senate of Berlin. The ceremony took place in the Blue Hall of the Moscow City Hall. The talks were attended by Deputy Mayors Maksim Liksutov and Leonid Pechatnikov, as well as Minister and Head of the Department for External Economic and International Relations Sergey Cheremin.

“An important event took place last year - 25 years of contractual relations between Berlin and Moscow. I hope that today we will sign a Memorandum on continuing this long-term cooperation. Relations between Moscow and Berlin not only date back several decades, but are also mutually beneficial. Trade turnover between Moscow and Germany amounts to about $10 billion. Accumulated investments account for $6 billion. This active cooperation between companies in Moscow, Germany and Berlin continues in spite of certain challenges. After signing the Memorandum, we will continue to exchange experience across various spheres: education, healthcare, culture, management. The establishment of friendly ties between our cities, your visit to Moscow, today’s opening of the Days of Berlin Cinema is a major cultural event for Moscow and a further development of our relations. The more we get to know each other, the more open our relations become,” Sergey Sobyanin said.

The Mayor of Moscow also congratulated Michael Müller on being elected Mayor. “Allow me to congratulate you on being elected to the post of Mayor. I understand that this event took place recently,” Sergey Sobyanin added.

Michael Müller pointed out that relations between Moscow and Berlin have existed for a long time, but signing the Memorandum will give them new impetus and will activate cooperation in the spheres of science, youth exchange programs and more. “I think it’s very important that such large European megacities support relations with each other, learn from each other, exchange experience. Berlin is a growing city. I know that Moscow is growing even more rapidly. According to the information I have, the city grows by about 150,000 new residents every year. This brings new challenges in urban planning, residential construction, educational infrastructure and transportation. This gives us the opportunity to cooperate and learn from each other,” the Mayor of Berlin said.

Russian and German capitals are successfully developing partner relations in terms of the economy and the sphere of education, as well as healthcare and culture. The Days of Moscow’s Economy in Berlin and Days of Moscow in Dusseldorf will take place this year.



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