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An overview of the best sports bars in the city

Large-scale sporting events – the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup – are almost here. Unfortunately, not all fans will be able to watch their favorite teams play from the stands. A lot of people in Moscow will be enjoying the football games from sports bars, which are equipped with everything one can ask for: enough room for friends, drinks, snacks and, most importantly, live broadcasts of football matches.

Arena Olimp

Address: Avtozavodskaya Ulitsya 23, bldg.15, m. Avtozavodskaya, Tulskaya

The biggest sports bar in Moscow, with the atmosphere of a real stadium. There are live broadcasts of all key athletic events (you can find a detailed schedule on the website). The bar is split up into several areas: a big hall for 350 people with a ten-meter screen and 8 small VIP areas with plasma TV screens that can seat 5-45 people. High-quality sound systems make guests feel like they’re at a real stadium. The menu includes American and European cuisine.

Liga Pap

Addresses: Bolshaya Lubyanka 24/15,  m. Chistiye Prudy, Turgenevskaya
Krasnoproletarskaya Ulitsya 16, bldg. 2, m. Novoslobodskaya, Mendeleevskaya

This restaurant is all about sports and food, and features 20 large format displays and a huge projection screen that shows the biggest athletic events in 3D.

The main hall has tables mounted on stands and facing the screen so that guests can feel like they are a part of the action and immerse themselves in the game as if they were at the stadium. A lot of famous sports commentators broadcast directly from the restaurant.

There is a special cold room for storing draft beer for every taste. The menu features snacks and main dishes from just about every corner of the world.


Address: Bolshoy Zlatoustinskiy Pereulok 9, m. Kitai-Gorod

This is more than just another pub in Moscow – it’s a legendary American sports bar in the very heart of the capital. 35 full HD screens let visitors enjoy every sports match to the fullest. The bar is just as serious about preparing for live broadcasts as the stadiums are about preparing for games. There are more TV screens than tables here, so guests can request to play a game they are most interested in seeing on the TV in front of their table. There are also 2 huge video walls here, which let guests watch three TV screens at the same time. The face of the sports bar is the Hooters Girl – beautiful, cheerful and friendly. They sport a spectacular uniform and are always ready to help the guests.

Bobby Dazzler pub

Address: Kostyansky Pereulok 7/13, m. Chistiye Prudy

This spot is decorated like a traditional British pub and perfectly combines elements of the past and present. The wide beer selection, plenty of snacks to pick from, specialties and a friendly atmosphere have all made this pub a very popular place. Football here is like a religion, and love for any type of sport is highly encouraged. There is enough at the pub to keep you entertained without exhausting you. The TV screens feature live broadcasts of the most interesting matches. Moscow Reds, the Moscow Manchester United fan club, are regulars at the pub. When MU is playing, the bar is absolutely packed and the atmosphere resembles the stands at Old Trafford.


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A chain of pubs that host live football broadcasts. This is the ideal place for groups of men who love football. The main advantage of these restaurants is the location of the screens, which allow guests to watch the matches from anywhere in the restaurant. If guests are interested in a more private evening (a date of a business meeting, for example), there are also quiet VIP areas. The bar has over 15 kinds of beer from Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Russia, along with a wide cocktail selection.


List of locations:

A relatively new chain of sports bars that is sure to make the city’s sports fans jump for joy. There are great burgers and steak, along with plenty of great cold beer. Those who prefer stronger drinks or don’t drink at all can visit the café or club, which have a wide selection of drinks, from non-alcoholic cocktails to high-end wines. Everybody who can’t make it to a game can watch broadcasts here. Moreover, Tornado, which is also the Liga Stavok bookmaker bureau, is the leading bookmaker chain in Russia. Bets can be made online for all athletic events: football, hockey and basketball.

Chelsea gastropub

Address: Maly Gnezdnikovsky Pereulok 12/27, m. Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya

A spot that combines the elements of a traditional pub with a great food selection, this pub is for true connoisseurs of English style and attitude. There are over 100 different kinds of whiskey, a big wine selection and fresh beer that all go great with the chef’s specials. The pub is a comfortable atmosphere for watching sports broadcasts around the clock, which is what sets it apart from other pubs. There are a total of four halls to watch the broadcasts from. The main hall can seat 80 people and is equipped with a big projector and three huge plasma screens. Different types of furniture and a podium add an extra layer of comfort. This English pub is perfect for politicians, businessmen and young people alike.

Greene King pub & kitchen

Address: Mytnaya Ulitsya 7, bldg.1, m. Tulskaya, Oktyabrskaya, Dobryninskaya

This is a real club for like-minded people with an unforgettable atmosphere that reminds one of England: the richness and restraint of dark wood, cozy soft green and walnut furniture and, of course, the taste of real British Ale. The restaurant is named after the famous English brewery Greene King, located in Bury St. Edmunds (close to the North Sea coast). The brewery has been making famous ales for over 200 years and has received multiple awards. In 2015, the first and only Russian pub that served beer from the famous brand opened in Moscow. The first floor of the bar can seat up to 100 people and the second floor can seat another 70. There are 2 big screen TVs and 8 plasma TVs, which means visitors can comfortable watch all types of athletic events.

The Red Machine

Address: Leningradsky Prospect 39, bldg. 41, inside the CSKA Ice Palace, m. Dinamo, Aeroport

This sports café, which is open to everybody who appreciates sports and excellent food, is a great place for sports fans to get together. “The Red Machine” was also the nickname of the famous USSR hockey team. People come here to discuss the latest games, cheer on their favorite teams and athletes, celebrate recent victories and express the full spectrum of emotions by shouting and waving flags. Sports infuse everything here with a particular rhythm, which makes the space truly enjoyable for visitors. The plasma screens hanging on the walls put guests directly in the middle of the action, and watching the game becomes a truly spectacular and unforgettable event.

Lawson's bar

Address: Blagoveshemskiy Pereulok 1a, m. Mayakovskaya

The story of William Lawson was immortalized in 1849, when a type of whiskey that has since taken the world by storm was named after him. In Moscow, Lawson’s Bar played a big role in promoting both the whiskey and the place of its origin – Scotland. A lot has changed since the bar first opened in 2012 – the cocktails have acquired an original colonial twist and there is now plenty if whiskey and craft beer as well. The bar is frequented by a lot of Chelsea club fans, who use the spot as their unofficial headquarters. The playlist includes blues, jazz and rock music, giving the space an additional touch of authenticity.


Address: Ulitsa Grina 3a, m. Bulvar Dmitria Donskovo, Novoyasenevskaya

The Kosouhoff entertainment complex is located in the very center of Northern Butovo. All kinds of entertainment can be found here – karaoke, a bar with live broadcasts and a men’s club. Go to the bar for a pint of cold beer, to catch a football game, play foosball with friends, or celebrate an important event with friends. The menu features dishes from different corners of the world: Italian, Caucasian, Bavarian and Belarusian. There are plenty of projectors and big screen TVs for fans and people who like live broadcasts. Visitors can come to support their team over a beer and a snack. Everybody who can’t attend games in person can catch live broadcasts at the bar instead of missing out!

Hmel & El

Address: Trehprudny Pereulok 4, bldg.1, m. Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya, Mayakovskaya

Come to this bar in the city center with a group of friends, talk about the latest news over a pint of cold beer and enjoy the wide selection of snacks. The establishment combines the best aspects of a sports bar, a classic pub and a sophisticated restaurant. No matter what kind of gathering you’re planning, everybody will feel comfortable here. There are live broadcasts of football games and plasma screens, delicious food, and quality drinks. The bar always plays the most popular and anticipated athletic events. There are also less popular games for true fans and those who follow sports closely. The sports bar can seat 70 people, which is enough for a big and loud group of people. After a night of watching the game, you have the option of taking a stroll along the Patriarchs Ponds, which are located nearby.



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