Vectors of cooperation confirmed

For the first time in the history of relations between the capitals of Russia and Iran, Tehran hosted Days of Moscow’s Economy, organized by the Moscow Department for External Economic and International Relations.

A Delegation of the Moscow Government, led by head of the Department - Sergey Cheremin, visited the Iranian capital.

The delegation also included directors of the city’s leading companies, which participate in Moscow’s key infrastructure, transportation, environmental, healthcare and IT projects. On the first day, a business forum was held during which topics concerning the development of megacities, creating a comfortable environment and effective management were discussed. Almost 1,500 participants had the opportunity to learn about Moscow’s accomplishments and listen to speeches by internationally acclaimed speakers in the sphere of entrepreneurship and management.

Members of the Moscow Government Delegation took part in the exhibition dedicated to Iran’s accomplishments in the production of various manufacturing equipment.

An official meeting took place between Sergey Cheremin and Tehran’s Deputy Mayor of Transport and Traffic Maziar Hosseini, who actively supported the Russian capital’s initiative to develop cooperation in the sphere of developing and implementing Tehran’s transportation strategy, proposed by employees of the Center for Traffic Management of the Moscow Department of Transportation. During the conversation, the Iranian side showed an interest in innovative solutions and technologies introduced by the Moscow Mayor's office in the reconstruction of streets, provision of public services in electronic form, and improvement of the city’s residential services.

The next day, Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce hosted presentations dedicated to Moscow’s development strategy. Sergey Cheremin thanked the Mayor of Tehran Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf for help in preparing the Days of Moscow’s Economy, pointing out the roles both embassies played in the event. The Minister invited the leaders of the Iranian capital to take part in the Moscow Urban Forum and to hold Days of Tehran’s Economy in Moscow.

Over 100 Iranian entrepreneurs and heads of major companies learned about the implementation of state target programs in Moscow. Infrastructure projects that are appealing to investors were presented as well. In turn, the Iranian partners talked about their achievements in the sphere of city solutions.

Questions of increasing trade turnover and supporting export-import operations were discussed by the Moscow Government Delegation with the Deputy Mayor of Economic Relations and Finance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who supported the idea of supplying technological solutions to Tehran’s municipal sector under Iran's sovereign guarantees.

Questions of cooperation between cities as financial centers were discussed with the leadership of the Iranian stock exchange. Sergey Cheremin offered Tehran to support Moscow’s initiative in establishing and International Financial Center Alliance. The President of the Iranian stock exchange expressed a lot of interest in this type of cooperation, which, in his opinion, would help to reach a new level of cooperation with global IFCs.

Within the scope of Days of Moscow’s Economy, a productive meeting took place between the Moscow delegation and representatives of major pharmaceutical companies under the leadership of Iran’s Ministry of Healthcare. During the meeting, the two sides agreed to explore prospects of localizing the production of medicinal products for Russian manufacturers, as well as the possibility of establishing a plant for producing advanced medicinal products in Russia. The two sides agreed to send an Iranian pharmaceutical business mission to Moscow in the near future.

Numerous business events illustrated the growing investment appeal of both capitals and tangible interest in developing business cooperation between major Russian and Iranian companies, as well as between representatives of small and medium-size businesses. For the first time, the capitals had the opportunity to take part in such major events that including official meetings, business discussions, round tables and cultural programs.



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