Smart City IT Center

The Smart City IT Center has opened at VDNKh. The new pavilion has linked the exhibition of Moscow’s achievements in the sphere of IT with business and educational spaces. The IT is close to the main entrance, next to pavilion No. 69. The total area of the pavilion is 1,600 sq.m. and the building is 6 meters tall.

At Smart City, visitors can use a 3D printer, try out a virtual reality helmet and test the opportunities machine learning offers. The center’s guests will learn what cloud computing and Big Data are and how these things are used in everyday life, education and medicine.

The project not only brings together the best IT practices on a single platform, but also creates the conditions necessary to develop new ones. The pavilion is made up of business, educational and exhibition spaces. On opening day, guests could see 50exhibits, models and systems, such as the development map for the city’s free Wi-Fi network. Muscovites will also find out about the city’s accomplishments in the sphere of Big Data. An interactive map of Moscow can tell visitors about the infrastructure of any district and pulls up information which is stored in different information systems on every building in the city.

A unique project is planned for Smart City - a point of public access to the city’s video surveillance system. Anybody will be able to come in and select from one of the city’s 145,000 cameras to look at their street, building or parked car in real time. Visitors will also be able to use the image archive.

It is planned that the new IT center will be a platform for scientific and practical conferences. Companies and startups will be provided with facilities for lectures, hack-a-thons and other activities related to new technologies.

Moreover, a crowdfunding platform will be established. Teams of developers will be able to use it to present prototypes of their devices or programs to potential investors and users.

Rink with artificial ice in Skazka park

Skazka park in Krylatskoye has opened a skating rink with artificial ice near the Zhivopisny Bridge. The new rink is 1,500 square meters in area.

There will be comfortable conditions for winter sports for both professional athletes and amateurs.

Starting in December, the traditional Russian Grandfather Frost sled with three horses will be touring the park. And the surprises don’t end there! In the winter, visitors will be able to go for a ride on a camel and the rope park for children will be converted into a land of tall, icy mountains.

The project is a unique family park project. The design is based on the need for children to spend as much time outdoors as possible, regardless of the weather. The organizers say that the types of activity in the park will alternate and change depending on the time of year.

Open-air ice rink at Park of Legends

An open-air ice rink will start operating at Park of Legends in December. The ice rink will host hockey matches as well as public ice skating events for Muscovites.

Visitors will be able to skate across the rink for professional hockey players starting on the first day of operations. There will be special hours for those who enjoy playing hockey in their spare time.

Visitors have a varied entertainment program in store for them: parties with live music from the best DJs in Moscow, workshops for children and parents with the opportunity to go skating in full hockey gear, figure skating lessons, meetings with legendary athletes, performances by celebrities and lotteries.

The open air ice rink at Park of Legends meets all the technical requirements necessary of professional hockey arenas.

The area of the rink is 30 by 60 meters. This adheres to the regulations of the Continental Hockey League, which means the arena can be used to host matches with professional athletes. The rink is equipped with lighting and spectator stands. Their standard capacity is 2,200 audience members. The capacity can be increased to 5,500 people.

This is the first open-air rink to use the innovative technique of implementing concrete slabs with built-in pipes for cooling the water. Prior to this, this method was only used for closed rinks.

The cold supply line runs from the refrigeration unit of the ice palace and the cooling settings are adjusted by experts. This allows the ice to retain its properties and withstand different temperatures.

The quality of ice on the open rink at the Park of Legends is also ensured by advanced equipment: an ice resurfacer and a water treatment installation system. As a result, the ice can withstand even the harshest ice skate hits during matches.

Oceania Shopping Center on Kutuzovsky Prospect

A new multifunctional shopping center Oceania has opened on Kutuzovsky Prospect. The unique shopping center is a cylinder-shaped aquarium with a 10 meter diameter. It is 23 meters in height and has a capacity of more than one million liters. Inside there is a panoramic elevator where visitors can look over the 250 shops and service enterprises in the center. “Over the past few years, we introduced over 10 million square meters of commercial and mixed-use complexes. And in spite of the seemingly challenging economic climate, the construction of commercial real estate in Moscow continues. This year, we introduced 1.3 million square meters of commercial real estate in the span of 7-8 months. This includes office spaces and shopping centers. Judging by the market, the market is picking up again, there are less empty spaces and more real estate deals. One such center that has been erected in Moscow recently is Oceania, an interesting center,” Sergey Sobyanin said during the opening ceremony.

Bridge on Karamishevskaya Embankment

The Moscow City Architecture Committee has approved the project for the tallest cable-stayed bridge across the Moscow River in the city, the construction of which will begin in 2017. The bridge will connect Ulitsya Narodnovo Opolcheniya with Ulitsya Nizhniye Mnevniki. A 137-meter high mast in the form of an inverted letter Y will support the bridge with metal cables.

“The construction of a new bridge near Karamishevskaya Embankment is part of a bigger development concept for the development of the areas around the Moscow River, which was prepared at the order of Sergey Sobyanin,” said Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow.

According to him, one of the goals of the concept is to alleviate transportation issues and make the districts more accessible. “The bridge will have an elegant cable structure with a support structure in the center in the shape of the letter Y,” he explained.

The new bridge will have six lanes (three in each direction). The total length of the bridge will be 528 meters, and will amount to 650 meters with the overpass across the embankment.

According to the Stroicomplex press service, the main span of the bridge will be around 300 meters in length.

The new bridge will be located 400 meters from the old Karamishevsky bridge, which was erected in 1937. The capacity of the new bridge will be significantly higher.

After the bridge opens to traffic, the old Karamishevsky bridge will be used primarily for public transportation.

Moscow currently only has one cable-stayed bridge in the west of the capital, the Zhivopisny bridge. Up until now, it was considered the tallest bridge in the city (the height of the bridge’s arches is 105 meters).

Hockey rink with a sports bar at VDNKh

A 24-hour hockey rink has opened at VDNKh in November. Visitors can rent skates, hockey sticks and protective gear, change in comfortable changing rooms with showers and relax in the sports bar afterward. The area behind pavilions No.8 and No.93 isn’t just another field, but a real athletic ice complex.

The rink’s area will be 30 by 60 meters. Visitors will have access to two warm changing rooms for 20 people each. The changing rooms will have comfortable showers, individual lockers and compartments to keep documents safe. There will also be a rental point for skates, hockey sticks and protective equipment. Guests will also be able to sharpen their skates here. Moreover, the hockey rink will be used for figure skating classes as well.

The rink will be open around the clock. Visitors will even be able to rent the space for a big group. The rink’s artificial surface will be updated before each game and will be able to keep retain its properties with temperatures of up to +15 degrees.

Hotel complex next to Kievsky Railway Station

AccorHotels Group announced the official opening of their biggest hotel complex in Russia. The Kievsky complex, which includes hotels from brands with as Novotel, ibis and Adagio, opened in the center of the capital next to Kievsky Railway Station. The new complex gives guests the opportunity from one of three hotel brands housed under one roof: Novotel Moscow Kievskaya (202 rooms), Adagio Moscow Kievskaya (149 rooms) and ibis Moscow Kievskaya (350 rooms). There are a total of over 700 rooms of different categories. The complex includes a bar, two restaurants, a conference center and a health center with a swimming pool, which is available to guests of all hotels in the complex. The interiors of all three hotels were designed by a German architectural bureau. The complex has a single, joint entrance. The hotel lobbies are located on the 5th floor of the Kievsky hotel complex. Each lobby boasts a unique style that reflects the character of each brand.

“The opening was the most significant event for AccorHotels in Russia over the past few years, as well as the most large-scale hotel project in Moscow since the 1980 Olympic Games. The new complex is not only over 700 new hotel rooms in Russia, but also 3 new hotels on the map. Thanks to the opening of the new complex, the number of AccorHotels Group hotels in Russia increased to a total of 42, which serves as testimony to the fact that we want to develop on the Russian and Moscow markets and also promote the development of domestic, international and business tourism. I am confident that the new complex will become a significant contribution to Moscow’s hotel infrastructure and will be appreciated by both tourists all over the world and residents of the capital,” said Alexis Delaroff, Chief Operating Officer of AccorHotels Russia.

First Encore Fitness Club

This is a new generation of premium clubs. The main idea behind the project is to reshape the way people are used to thinking about fitness clubs. Aside from ideal programs and equipment, special attention is paid to the club’s interior design, relaxation areas and pool. New technology will also be integrated into the infrastructure and the training process.

Every club in the network is a unique project that is adapted to the needs of club members. There are smart exercise machines and entry system, the option to choose your own locker, bracelets that can be used as electronic wallets, a personal MYZONE dashboard that contains information about training sessions, a big aqua and relaxation area, as well as convenient logistics and location.

The chain’s first location with an area of 3,900 square meters opened in 2016 in the OKO skyscraper and became the biggest fitness club in Moscow City. Aside from scale, the project stands out due to a meticulously thought out design, executed in art-deco style, and the thermal complex 1,200 square meters in area. There are 8 fitness areas on the club’s territory, a balance studio, a pilates studio and a 25 meter swimming pool.

The second Encore club will open in the beginning of 2017, in the premium Novoyasenevsky residential complex in the southwest of Moscow. An area of 2,200 square meters will include 7 fitness areas, including a modern club for kids and a unique, teardrop-shaped pool.

New food stops

Cofix (Manezhnaya square 1, bldg. 2, Okhotny Ryad Shopping Center) – an Israeli coffeehouse chain that at one point revolutionized the marker with a new approach to the restaurant business: every item on the menu was priced at 5 shekels. Everything in the Moscow cafe costs 50 rubles (about 2.5 shekels if you go with the current exchange rate) and it really is great food for breakfast, a light lunch of a snack in between meals. There are sandwiches, pastries and decent coffee.

Losbandidos Bar (Maroseyka 2/15, bldg. 1) – a craft bar from the creators of Bad.Bro.Bar, Parka and Varki. The designers drew inspiration from American gangster movies: even the bar stand looks like a bank vault. There are 36 types of beer and cider on tap and over 100 varieties of bottled beer. In terms of food, there are sausages, goulash, burgers and chicken wings in chili sauce.

Restoran 354 – located inside one of the skyscrapers in Moscow City, on the 86th floor. According to the owners, the restaurant is the highest open terrace in Europe. There is a unique convertible canopy that protects guests from adverse weather.

O’Donoghue’s (Pytnitskaya Ulitsya 29) – another Irish pub from the owners of Lionʼs Head, Punch & Judy Pub, Tap & Barrel and The Tipsy, which is modeled after a Dublin establishment with the same name. The Dublin pub has been around since 1789 and the facade had to be completely redone in order to resemble the original.

Shikari (1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ulitsya 2, bldg. 1) – a chain of Pan-Asian restaurants that specializes in Seoul cuisine and used to operate only outside of the city finally has a restaurant in the center. Low prices, a colorful interior and dishes adapted for the Russian palette.

Erwin.Река – Alexander Rappoport’s seafood restaurant Erwin.Reka.More.Okean now has a place on one of the Radisson Royal Moscow ice class yachts, which is focked at the Taras Shevchenko embankment, near Ukraina Hotel. The menu is a shorter version of the one featured in the original project. The restaurant is open from noon until 1am, but goes on a scheduled journey on the Moscow River three times a day.

Kotomania (Ulitsya Pokrovka 20/1, bldg. 1) – a club with a yoga studio and a cafe where people can get coffee and cheesecake, as well as pet cats and feed them treats from a special cat menu. The cost of a visit is calculated by minutes, 5 rub/minute for adults and 10 rub/minute for children. There are also jazz concerts on Fridays.



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