What surprises will Johnny Depp and his Hollywood vampires bring to Moscow?

This spring and summer in Moscow promise more than a few interesting theatrical premiers and the arrival of an unbelievable number of world music stars from all kinds of genres: from classical to jazz and heavy metal. Charles Aznavour, Ozzy Osbourne, and Johnny Depp with the Hollywood vampires...

But first let’s start from fans of photography and design. One can visit the Vinzavod Center of Contemporary Art until the middle of May to see the jubilee exhibit of the largest-scale photo research project Best of Russia – 2017, which concludes the project’s ten-year cycle. One can see works from the 2017 winners and the 100 best photographs on Russia of the past 10 years. This project included works from both famous and amateur photographers. Every year the photo competition was held with several nominations, with the best photos, which were selected by unanimous vote, being included in the Best of Russia exposition. Over 10 years the exhibit has been visited by over a million people, and the competition has included more than 300,000s photographs and dozens of photographers. The youngest participant in the project was six years old, and the oldest-92.

The Palisandr gallery is hosting the “Italian Design” exhibit until April 20 via support from the Italian Embassy in Russia and the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow. The Gallery is developing the idea of design as an independent forms of art, and is presenting the best samples of world collecting design, in this case from Italy.

What awaits theater fans this spring? A new performance in April by one of the most well-known directors from the Soviet school, Mark Zakharov. The maestro is already 84 years of age, but he still works in the Lenkom theater, which is headed by him. Falstaff and the Prince of Whales promises viewers to be a farce in the vein of Shakespearean tragedy and comedy. According to the plot, one friend in the story is a jester who speaks with utter honesty, while the second is a despot who can not handle the truth. The spectacle has Mark Zakharov’s trademark satirical intonation. In addition, Lenkom will also have dances, music and opulent decorations and costumes.

The Moscow Art Theater has once again decided to put a classic on its stage, this time one of the most well-loved short stories in Russia, Three Sisters, in a very loose interpretation by the main provocateur of contemporary Russian theater, the young director Konstantin Bogomolov. The details are a strict secret until the day of the premier. Only the top women of Russian theater and film are being cast: Yuliya Snigir, Aleksandra Rebenok, Darya Moroz, and Svetlana Ustinova. Meanwhile, the Queen of Spades is playing at the Bolshoi Theater. The great opera by Tchaikovsky was undertaken by the director Rimas Tuminas. The premier for this production was launched in February and aroused quite a lot of interest. The Vakhtangov Theater’s art director worked on this production for over a year. Those who are familiar with with the Lithuanian director’s work know that all of his stage productions are a philosophical statement, very discreet and very elaborate.

The 40th Moscow International Film Festival is taking place at the end of April, from the 19th to the 26th. The film festival is one of the six largest film festivals in the world. Usually it takes place during the summer, but this time it was decided to move it to the spring because the Russian capital, as many other of the country’s cities, is taking part in the World Cup games this summer.

Classical music fans can also expect quite a bit of interesting events this spring. Of all musical instruments, perhaps the greatest and most mystic is the organ. What other instrument is able to summon such a storm of emotions, such bliss and calm in its listeners? Admirers of organ music on the 16th of April can enjoy the virtuoso Gabriel Margeri’s performance at the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. The musician completed his training at conservatories in Nice, Paris, and Lyon. Gabriel is a laureate of international competitions and currently teaches in national conservatories in Lyon and Paris. He is among the staff of the Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church, which is located n France’s capital.

Jazz fans will get a surprise on April 24 in the Tchaikovsky concert hall. As part of his world tour, the contemporary jazz star Chick Corea from America is visiting Moscow. Corea became famous due to his voice, performance style, and unquestionable talent. There is currently no great authority on piano jazz than Corea, who has been nominated more than 50 times for a Grammy award and has received the prestigious award more than ten times.

The Moscow House of Music on April 22 is presenting a concert by the London Handel orchestra with organ and chorus. Usually this program gathers thousands of viewers in London’s Royal Albert Hall, and now those in Moscow will get the opportunity to see it. The first part will feature Vivaldi “Four Season”, one of the most popular classical music productions by the musician and composer. The talented English violinist Robert Gibbs will perform as soloist. In the second part the Bolshoi Theater’s chorus, orchestra, and soloists, as well as the organist Yestyn Evans will perform the immortal Requiem by Mozart – one of the most intriguing of musical productions in the world. Musicians from the Hendel orchestra will be in historical dress and periwigs from the XVIII century, as if the viewer was transported by time machine to the past.

Who in the world has not heard of the French chansonnier Charles Aznavour? April 28 the 93 year-old singer, who still tours, will be on stage at the Kremlin palace. By the way, the first time Charles arrived to Moscow was in 1963 – 55 years ago! It turns out that the maestro has a dream. In one interview, Aznavour admitted that “Red Square is one of three or four places in the world, where I would very much like to sing.” Such a concert project has been discussed more than once, and the singer hopes to “return to this idea.” Aznavour’s wish is easily explained – he was, after all, born to an Armenian emigre family in Paris. His father was a musician, though he opened his “Caucasus” restaurant in order to feed his family, in which both the cuisine and the music matched the name. “In Russia, I never feel as if I am abroad,” says Aznavour. “Everything is as if I were home with my family.”

In the Moscow House of Music on May 20 the composer arranger, and one of the most influential guitarists in the world, living legend Al Di Meola will be performing. The concert will take place as part of his new world tour. “My new album Opus marked a new stage in my life,” says Di Meola. “For the first time I wrote music while absolutely happy. I have a great relationship with my wife, I have a wonderful daughter and a beloved family which inspires me very much every day.” In 2009 Al Di Meola was included by the journal Classic Rock into the list of greatest guitarists of all times, and has been declared the best guitarist and best jazz guitarist in the world 14 times.

Did you know that Johnny Depp is more than just an actor? He will demonstrate this on May 28, 2018 on the Olympiysky stage, where he will perform together with “Hollywood Vampires.” This group consists of famous rock stars horror king Alice Cooper and Aerosmith Guitarist Joe Perry. The story of the band began in 2015, when Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp met on the scene of Dark Shadows by director Tim Burton. Depp gave an outstanding performance as a vampire awakening in his coffin from his 196 year slumber in the 80‘s. Alice and Johnny became friends and now their band performs concerts both within and outside the US. In 2018, the Vampires headed on their world tour, in which, aside from Russia, they also visited Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

A treat awaits fans of James Blunt, energetic artist and owner of a lyrical voice, in Crocus City Hall on May 16. The singer and composer writes music in both rock and pop genres. After his hit success “You’re Beautiful,” he was even compared to Elton John.

As early as May 24 in Moscow, the group Morcheeba will be performing in Moscow. The British musicians include a variety of styles in their performances: rhythm-and-blues, trip-hop, and disco. The collective was formed in 1995 and from that time until 2003 dark-skinned vocalist Skye Edwards, with an awe-inspiring voice, performed with the band. Seven years later she has returned to the band. Now fans can hear her perform at the concert.

May 30 will be an exciting day for fans of hard rock: Deep Purple will be performing at the Olimpiyskiy sports complex. As part of its world tour, the legendary group is presenting its last album “Now What?!” which was made in honor of the 45-year anniversary of the groups creation. Of course, fans will also hear hits from the 70‘s, popular to this and day and performed at all of the group’s concerts, such as Lazy, Fireball, Silver Tongue, and of course, the band’s most well-known piece Smoke on the Water.

The idol of the younger generation, Lorde, will be singing on May 31. The artist counts two Grammy’s amongst her accomplishments. Ella Marija Yelich was born in 1996 and her family roots extend to both Ireland and Croatia. The young girl studied singing from five years of age. Her first contract was signed Universal Music Group when she was thirteen years old. The first album “Pure Heroine” was written in the studio when the artist was sixteen. The album went platinum in the United States.

Business superstar, one of the most well-sold artists, idol of millions, handsome, charming, and energetic and one of the most well sold artists, Enrique Iglesias is coming to Moscow on June 1. He is performing at Crocus City Hall as part of his world tour. Enrique has an unbelievable number of hits. One of them in particular, however, Bailando from the 2014 album SEX & LOVE is one of the top 10 most popular videos on Youtube of all time, with 2.4 billion views. The artist’s overall album sales exceeded 170 million copies. By the way, 42-year-old Enrique became a father not long ago to two charming twins. On December 16, son Nikolas and daughter Lucy were born to Iglesias and Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova. Not long ago Enrique posted a video of him endlessly kissing his little daughter for several minutes. The clip had over one million views within an hour.

Also on the first day of summer promises Moscow the arrival of Ozzy Osbourne – the famous frontman from Black Sabbath, lover of songs about the living dead and similar occult phenomena, and one of the godfathers of heavy metal. This is far from Ozzy’s first trip to Moscow, as he first visited the capital of Russia in 1989. At that time he took part in the Rock Against Alcohol and Narcotics festival. June 1 2018 at Olimpiyskiy, Ozzy, who in December of this year will be 70 years old, is giving his concert as part of his farewell world tour. The tour will last until 2020. “People constantly ask me about retirement,” says Ozzy. “This will be my last world tour, though maybe I will have another couple of concerts somewhere.”

On June 6 a grandiose present awaits all fans of opera: the Moscow performance of Montserrat Caballe Herself, who over the course of many years has remained a well-known star of the world opera scene.

Meanwhile, on June 10 in the Tchaikovsky concert hall, all who would like can meet Russia’s most famous satirical writer Mikhail Zhvanetsky. In an interview with the New York Times he once said: “Humor is the defense of a weak person. He can't punch a government official in the face, so he goes home and does it through his writing."

The writer was born in the Black Sea resort city of Odessa, where almost every resident has a very unique sense of humor. Zhvanetsky carries in his old, worn-out portfolio more than a few scintillating and funny stories which he is ready to share with his audience. Zhvanetsky also performs one genre: a one-man performance. By the way, a few years one Odesites re-named the Boulevard of the Arts to Zhvanetsky Boulevard in honor of the well-known resident. This decision was timed by Odessa city council deputies to the 75-year birthday of the writer, who is currently 83 years old. However, as always he is in commission, full of energy and strength. His performances are often shown on television, but watching Zhvanetsky on TV and seeing him in person are “two big differences.”




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